About Us

Our History

Perfect Choice Designz is a husband and wife team.  We have always enjoyed photography.  For many years we have explored beautiful locations including: hidden waterfalls, lava rock coasts of Hawaiian islands, and botanical gardens bursting with color.  We’ve photographed the beautiful scenery we’ve found along the way, and are thrilled to be sharing it with you.  Over time, we’ve also discovered a passion for graphic design.  We love how photography and graphic design can work hand in hand to create beautiful works of art.

For a few years now, we have been helping people organize their homes and lives by selling our home organization printables.  We feel that by adding pops of color to otherwise mundane activities, such as paying bills and organizing your home office, it makes these necessary tasks much more enjoyable.  We have also been selling our scenic photography as digital downloads.  Now we are so thrilled to be expanding, and selling physical products as well.

You will notice quickly that our design style is very colorful.  The bland and boring are not for us.  We love creating beautiful and colorful products that add some flare to any style.  We hope you find the perfect items to complete your space.  Thanks so much for shopping here at Perfect Choice Designz!


Cactus Pink Flower Canvas Photo PrintColorful Backpack Women's Purple Teal PinkAbstract Watercolor Teal and Gray Canvas Print

Our Mission

To enrich our customer's lives through color and beauty.